Pimp Yer Tree Pit Contest

Pimp Yer Tree Pit

• Did you know that tree pits belong to everyone? • That the NYC Park’s Department ENCOURAGES you to adopt and care for a pit? • Did you know about The Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest?  We want to help you win

How to Win

Adopt a Pit

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Enter our facebook contest at roseredandlavender.The winner will receive  $200 worth of flowers for tree pit planting.

Yeah, Baby! Things are about to get real green all up in this block.



Plants for the Sun, 

Annuals (plants that live only one year):

    •    Sweet Alyssum (Mat forming, small yellow or white flowers)
    •    Dusty Miller – Senecio cinerara (Beautiful snow white and shiny silver color)
    •    Licorice Plant HelichrysumMarigold
    •    Nasturtium
    •    Portulaca-Rock Rose, Moss Rose (Good drought tolerant plant)
    •    Verbena
    •    Geranium (An old standby that requires little water)
    •    Scented Geranium (For leaf form, color and small flowers)
    •    Salvia
    •    Snapdragon
    •    Heliotrope (Beautiful scent)
    •    Cosmos (Dwarf – height 24”)
    •    Ageratum (Low growing with small purple flowers)
    •    Blue Marguerite Daisy
    •    Lantana (A variety of unique flowers)
    •    New Guinea Impatiens

Perennials (plants that live for more than one year):

    •    Ox-eye Daisy chrysanthnum leucanthemum (Beautiful white flowers)
    •    Bugleweed Ajuga reptans
    •    Snow in Summer Cerastium tomemtosum
    •    Lilyturf Liriope muscari
    •    Sedum Sedum albuonor acre (Only low growing)
    •    Thyme Thymus serpiphylluur or pseudolanugipsus (Mat forming varieties)
    •    Mint

Plants for the Shade, Good for newly established trees


    •    Begonia (Elegant flowers that come in a large variety)
    •    Coleus (Variegated foliage, purple flowers)
    •    Lobelia (Small edging plant)
    •    Pansy (Some are winter hardy)
    •    Viola Torenia (Looks like a small pansy)
    •    Impatiens (Popular colorful flowers that will do well in your tree pit, sun or shade)
    •    Fuchsia (Variety of species, most annuals bear a red tubular flower)


    •    Coral Bells Heuchera
    •    Spotted Deadnettle Lamium maculatum (Excellent groundcover)
    •    Lilyturf Liriope muscari(evergreen)
    •    Foam Flower Tiarella cordifolia(Vigorous groundcover with white upright flowers)
    •    Periwinkle Vinca minor (Will fill your tree pit with greenery and small purple flowers)