Cozy Home

Feeling like life is in disarray? 

When I was in my 20s and early 30’s, I had a dream job that took me all over the world.

Sometimes I traveled three weeks out of the month to far flung destinations like Malaysia, China. Japan and Central America. Whenever I traveled, I always took time to beginning or end of my trip to discover and explore the places that I was in and sought out the best of what I could find. 


On lucky occasions, I stayed in luxury hotels. Often, I would be upgraded to a spectacular room just because I traveled frequently and often I traveled alone. It was always the details that made things feel cozy. 

I found item that just make a comfortable life, comfortable. Buckwheat pillows, hand made rugs, and high-quality ceramics things that will help transform your chaotic life into one of peace and calm. 

In our home section you'll find everything from so comforters to wool mattress, goose down pillows, teacups, and hand knit socks. Whether it's in the Pantry and Kitchen, or in Bed and Bath, you will find something you love. 

Items chosen for their quality and chosen to make you feel cozy and warm and safe.

It’s worth the investment. 

Now it the time to upgrade from your college hand me downs and MDF prefab furniture into something more grown up. Something that may become family heirlooms in years to come.