Benefits of Silk Bedding

Long Strand Mulberry Silk

Magical Bedding - All Natural

Silk bedding has magical properties. 

I first discovered it on a trip to Suzhou. I was staying in Shanghai and learned about these gardens and had to go. 

Suzhou China Garden

The gardens were established in the 11th Century in the Northern Song Dynasty and are now a UNESCO world heritage site. Suzhou is a magical place filled with canals, otherworldly gardens and quant shops and artisans. 

It was there that I discovered silk comforters and their magical properties. Silk comforters are made from silkworm pods that can't be unraveled. They are stretched over a table by a group of people and each duvet is made from hundreds of pods. 

The Long Fiber mulberry silk is naturally resistant to bacteria and for care they should be aired in the sun twice a year.