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Private Garden Coaching

Bespoke Home Garden 

It’s never a bad time to contemplate growing your own food. What about a raised bed that’s friendly to the earth, from the timbers it’s built from to the tip of every leaf? Intimidating to many newbies; now, it doesn’t have to be.

Discuss, curate, ship: this isn’t anyone’s garden, it’s yours. What do you love to eat?

We send you:

  • a 4’x8’x12” garden bed you can easily assemble
  • Organic Mechanics soil, blended by a Master of Soil Technology
  • 100% certified organic plants – grown by people who are kind. These plants are selected for ease of growing, disease resistance, and performance
  • Instructions to rock some gorgeous produce and blooms, letting flowers and food play together

This one’s just for you: one-on-one time – between you the aspiring backyard gardener and an accomplished, knowledgeable backyard farmer – who’ll show you the way. You get confident. You got this. Can we talk before you register? Sure we can. Here is a link to schedule a chat. Or if you would rather email, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. 

Register for this solo class, and we’ll see you in your yard, patio, rooftop or vacant lot. Includes the raised bed kit, ample soil, vibrant and gorgeous plants we select together, plus two hours of instruction.