Valentine's Flowers

1Dz Roses Wrapped for Valentine's Day

12 Gorgeous long stemmed roses with greens and filler, ready to drop into your vase. Wrapped in Burlap And trimmed with ribbon, classic, simple and elegant. This is what Don Draper would... Learn More


Basic Sweetheart

With this sweet, hand-tied bouquet in a hobnail jar, you can say, “I love you.” Or “I think I love you.” Or “I’m scared to admit it, but yeah, I... Learn More


Fine and Raw Sea Salt

Fine & Raw Artisanal Chocolate Sea Salt Made in Bushwick, Brooklyn Every time I talk about sea salt chocolate and offer it to someone who has never tried it before,... Learn More


Velvet Queen Sunflower - Art Pack 100 Seeds

Velvet Queen Sunflower Certified Organic Seed Helianthus annuus Regal 5' burnt orange sunflower. 100 Seeds  The deep velvet luster of this sunflower suggests its lofty station in the royal garden... Learn More


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