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Fine and Raw Lucuma & Vanilla Made in Brooklyn

Fine & Raw Artisanal Chocolate Lucuma & Vanilla Made in Bushwick, Brooklyn   Take every toasted marshmallow cookie and bread pudding in existence and smush them together real good. Yeah,... Learn More


Fine and Raw Cacao & Coconut Chunky Made in Brooklyn

Fine & Raw Artisanal Chocolate Cacao and Coconut Chunky Made in Bushwick, Brooklyn Dreamy and delicious, this sweet something of a chocolate bar will transport you to tropical isles. Soak... Learn More


Ceramic Green Tea Storage Container

This beautiful storage container is the perfect thing to store your loose tea. Having a cup of tea is part of a ritual.  Whether you choose the soft, fabric lid... Learn More
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4 Pack Metal Sprouting Jar Lid with 2 Metal Sprouting Stand for Wide Mouth Mason Jar

Seed Sprouting Stand with Jar.  Everyone asks me about growing seeds inside, and how to garden in an apartment.  Sprouting is the perfect thing.  This kit comes with a mesh... Learn More
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