Assorted Succulents

Purple, pink, blue, green... furry, waxy, plump, spindly... with so many varieties, how can you choose? Each unique succulent holds a place in our hearts (and indoor gardens!).    Plant... Learn More


Aloe Vera

Meet the Aloe Vera, an altruistic desert dweller. It's a tough, low maintenance plant, sporting long beautiful leaves, filled with healing aloe vera gel. It requires so little but gives so... Learn More


Blue Chalksticks

Cool blue-green, and long, slender leaves-- this cactus brings a unique elegance to your plant collection. Treat it like any other cactus (bright light and let the soil dry between... Learn More


Assorted Cacti

These charming desert friends are perfect accessories for your work-from-home desk. They are very low maintenance-- just some watering once a week, and are small enough to fit on any... Learn More