Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Rose Red & Lavender Gift Card. Gift cards are delivered by... Learn More


Organic Mechanics Container Blend Potting Soil

Our all-purpose organic potting soil, perfect for repotting plants, container gardening, outdoor plants, and more! -Excellent drainage properties, yet holds moisture well-Perennials, Woody Plants and Herbs love it!-Great for large... Learn More


Organic Mechanics - Planting Mix

Use as a soil amendment to revitalize your garden soil when planting.  2 cubic ft Excellent for raised beds, this planting mix is made with love. Coconut Coir, Oats, Rice Hulls,... Learn More


Organic Mechanics - Premium Blend Potting Soil

Ideal for growing food in containers, transplanting, tropicals, and indoor plants. -OMs most moisture-retentive blend, chocked full of compost and worm castings-Use for small containers, window boxes or for any... Learn More


Organic Mechanics Worm Castings

Nature's perfect organic nutrient source -Creates wonderful soil structure-Adds beneficial biology to the root zone-Water less! Worm Castings help hold moisture in the root zone-Rejuvenate houseplants! Add ¼ cup per... Learn More


Sustane- Organic Fruits, Flower and Vegetable Fertilizer

All natural, concentrated compost fertilizer that is perfect for soil preparation of vegetable & flower beds, incorporating into potting soils, and for overall soil building.  5 lbs. Learn More