Starting From Scratch - Seeds

Bird Lover's Meadow Seed Shaker - 100 Square Feet

Bird Lover's Meadow Seed Shaker Did you know that birds are important pollinators just like bees and butterflies? Whether you'd like to plant a meadow to support your local ecosystem,... Learn More


Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse

Cold Frame Mini Green House Giant Terrarium Known as a cold frame, this little greenhouse was traditionally used to start seeds outside. Starting seeds outside aka winter sowing is a... Learn More


Edible Flower Mix - Art Pack 250 Seeds

Edible Flower Mix Various species Flowers are nature’s most intricate candies. When we think of eating from the garden, we tend to think of fruits, roots, greens, and herbs. But... Learn More


Heavenly Blue Morning Glory - Art Pack 100 Seeds

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Ipomoea purpurea A classic flower of late summer, in a celestial blue tone. The morning glory is like a good marriage. Its vines are strong and... Learn More


Love In a Mist, Nigella - Art Pack 250 Seeds

Love In A Mist Nigella damascena Ethereal blooms and intriguing seed pods. The feathery foliage of Love in a Mist, or nigella, creates its own climate; a clump creates a... Learn More


New Yorker Tomato - Art Pack 25 Seeds

New Yorker Tomato Certified Organic Seed Solanum lycopersicum An early producer, excellent for canning and processing. New Yorkers don’t have time to wait around. This cold-tolerant, early-season tomato produces some... Learn More


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