Indoor Planters

1 Pcs Silver or Rose Gold Mini Planter for Succulents and Ferns

Ultra Modern Planter to bring style into your home Learn More



6PCS Snowflake Glaze Flower Pot Perfect for Office or Back to School

This set of 6 Korean pots are adorable. With their modern and simple styling, they can fit into any decor.  Measuring 3"x3" they are the perfect thing for our mini... Learn More
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Aged English Oval Planter

This planter has a classic basket design. Coated with living moss, these planters will gracefully age. Learn More


Birch Planter w/ Zinc 6.5"x 3.5"

This birch planter is a modern twist on an old classic.  We love using this for every day flower arrangements or as a planter.  For weddings, we love to arrange... Learn More


Cartoon Cart Totoro Flower Pot

Who doesn't love Totoro by the masters at Ghibli Studios? This adorable, resin planter is the perfect thing for your office desk, dorm or studio. It's a great back to... Learn More


Indoor Grow Tent Room (48''X24''X60'')

This Reflective grow box is key for growing fruiting and flowering plants indoors.  Turns any basement or closet into a grow station. Featuring a reflective interior, light is preserved and... Learn More
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