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Bringing Nature Home: Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature

Unlike most flower-arrangement books, which rely on expensive and often nonseasonal flowers from florists, this book presents an alternative that is in line with the back to nature movement. This... Learn More


Cooking With Marika

Clean Cuisine from an Estonian Farm Marika happens to be a personal friend of ours. When she is not living on her Estonian Farm, she lives in Beacon, NY.  A magical... Learn More
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Matthew Robbins' Inspired Weddings: Designing Your Big Day with Favorite Objects and Family Treasures

Matthew Robbins, Martha Stewarts right-hand wedding expert, approaches each wedding design with an object that the couple finds meaningful, and in this inspirational guide, he shows you how to do... Learn More


Urban Farms

Urban Farms provides in-depth profiles of 16 innovative farms located in major metropolitan areas across the country, each operated by passionate individuals and communities committed to growing their own fruits and... Learn More


Creating Your Backyard Farm: How to Grow Fruit and Vegetables, and Raise Chickens and Bees (Green Home

By Nicki Trench  If you dream of growing, harvesting and eating your own produce, here's how to begin. Author Nicki Trench, who has created her own backyard farm from scratch, shares... Learn More


How To Weld (Motorbooks Workshop)

Welding is a skill that any do-it-yourself enthusiast needs in his arsenal. Its only when you can join metal that you can properly repair and create. This book is the... Learn More