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Miniature Tropical Plants

Bred to be Smaller, these are the Shetland Ponies of the plant world. These Miniature Plants are perfect for Terrariums, Fairy Gardens and little mini pots. 6 of our best... Learn More


Organic Mechanics - Premium Blend Potting Soil

Ideal for growing food in containers, transplanting, tropicals, and indoor plants. -OMs most moisture-retentive blend, chocked full of compost and worm castings-Use for small containers, window boxes or for any... Learn More


Foxgloves Long Elle

Don't you just love the classics from the 50's and 60's? Long gloves were all the rage.  Whenever I put these on I feel like Audry Hepburn in Breakfast at... Learn More


Fox Glove Origional

The OG glove that is beautiful and functional. I love these because you can actually feel what you are doing. They are completely washable and have a lab certified 50+UPF... Learn More


Fox Glove Gripper

Foxgloves - Grippers A different take on the classic OG glove that is beautiful and functional. These gloves have extra grip to help you hold tools, items in the shops,... Learn More


Vegan Leather Gauntlet - Puncture Resistant Pruning Gloves

Vegan Leather Gauntlet Remember the movie Ladyhawke? If you haven't seen it, run, don't walk and plop your hiney down for a magical journey. This 1985 film Staring Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew... Learn More
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