Organic Mechanics - Premium Blend Potting Soil

Ideal for growing food in containers, transplanting, tropicals, and indoor plants. -OMs most moisture-retentive blend, chocked full of compost and worm castings-Use for small containers, window boxes or for any... Learn More


Organic Mechanics Worm Castings

Nature's perfect organic nutrient source -Creates wonderful soil structure-Adds beneficial biology to the root zone-Water less! Worm Castings help hold moisture in the root zone-Rejuvenate houseplants! Add ¼ cup per... Learn More



  Improve drainage and absorb harmful impurities in the soil of your terrariums and containers with our gardeners' choice for horticultural charcoal. A small amount added to the base of... Learn More


Short Handle Spading Trowel

 These unique forged trowels are crafted from high carbon steel, have a very shallow dish, hardwood turned handles and very sharp blades.  So Sharp you could use them to defend... Learn More


Bonsai Mix

Hoffman Bonsai Soil Mix Bonsai Soil Mix is professionally formulated to provide optimum growth for evergreen and other bonsai plants. Provides the plant support, moisture and drainage bonsai need. Pre-mixed,... Learn More


Birch Planter w/ Zinc 6.5"x 3.5"

This birch planter is a modern twist on an old classic.  We love using this for every day flower arrangements or as a planter.  For weddings, we love to arrange... Learn More