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Turing Chaos into Comfort

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Kimberly Sevilla

ABOUT Rose Red & Lavender

Created in 2008 by Kimberly Sevilla; Club Kid, Scientist, Artist, Gardener. She created Rose Red & Lavender to share her love of plants and flowers with her friends and neighbors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Kimberly had spent the better part of 10 years traveling the world and learned how other people garden and treat their outdoor spaces. She practiced all the techniques in her own upstate gardens and perfected the methodology. Although the original storefront was torn down to build condos in 2018, because of Covid-19 like a phoenix risen from the ashes, Rose Red & Lavender has risen again. Ms. Sevilla has curated a collection of things for home and garden from all over the world. They are selected for comfort, beauty, and because they just dang work and are great. Whether it’s vegan chocolate, a fluffy feather pillow, sturdy tools, or taking a class, Rose Red & Lavender will have something for you.